Our Story

Thank you so much for reading more about us..

So, harry & miss tiff BOUTIQUE was the brainchild of Tiffany (our store’s owner) who decided upon the name after relocating her store to Gatton.

After having stores for a few years prior decided that the Gatton store needed a new name. So Harry is her precious pussy cat and friends often call Tiffany, Miss Tiff, so today we have harry & miss tiff BOUTIQUE.

Right from the start Tiffany felt that just because we choose to live in the country does not mean we don’t deserve a beautiful store to drop into, a place to see and feel gorgeous affordable clothing and a relaxed and friendly environment.

With a strong passion for aiming to give her customers the best she can find for all ages shapes and sizes. The harry part of the name is to accommodate the next step for her store…. More on that when it happens..

Tiffany started with her first BOUTIQUE in a quaint little town of Toogoolawah in March 2012, then spread her wings to a second store in the country town of Kilcoy in May 2013 and then a third store came the Gatton store in April 2015.

But today you can find us in just one bricks & mortar store at 12 Railway Street, Gatton, Queensland and also on-line.

Whilst our prime focus is on fashion & accessories, we love everything beautiful. Every week is a different week instore, new items turning up all the time as we aim to always keep an amazing array of items in our store.

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